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Álvaro Guilherme | Étude de la Liberté
16.09 | 31.10 2021

Álvaro Guilherme is a name that raises eyebrows when it is uttered in his adopted Lisbon. Almost everyone has heard of him or something connected to his name. Maybe one of his famous live painting sessions, a pop-up exhibition in an unlikely place, or even on the street playing the trumpet while taking a break from his inseparable sketchbook.

Involuntarily, the artist has created a legend that follows him and sticks to his work. His painting (and other creative grammars he uses) is based on a plastic and rhythmic polyphony, we would even say gesturally polyphonic. It springs from the heart and the hand, gushes out is perhaps the best expression. Álvaro's painting is real, true, alive and organic. It is born from the inside out. As it takes shape, it germinates back in the observer in an intense, yet soft and interrogative way. The artist's interest in primary forms, free or recognized forms that his hand leads, create and shape the character and personality of his own expression. Unsurprisingly, Jean Dubuffet is mentioned by him as someone he sees himself in and reflects upon.

For this Étude de la Liberté, Álvaro isolated himself in an austere chapel in Ghent and made it his home, his studio and place of travel to his innermost self. There, he went on drawing and painting, dipping his hands in the paint and shaping the works we now present to you. A collection of drawings and paintings that reveal the artist and the man in search of his expression, the moment and the gesture, free and true.

It is an honor for us, DAC, to be able to present this exhibition of an artist to follow.

of rhythm is image / of image is knowing / of knowing there is / a construct

Charles Olson

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